Public List RSS feed for public list Public List Narrative research in applied linguistics by Edited by: Barkuizen, Gary A history of the English language by Hogg, Richard An introduction to applied linguistics : from practice to theory by Davies, Alan, An introduction to functional grammar. by Halliday, M. A. K. An introduction to pidgins and creoles by Holm, John Applying linguistics in the classroom : by Razfar, Aria. CCNA practice questions / by Cioara, Jeremy. Corpora in applied linguistics / by Hunston, Susan Corpus linguistics : by Biber, Douglas. Discourse analysis / by Johnstone, Barbara. Early modern English / by Barber, Charles Laurence How to do things with words by Austin, J.L. Johnson's dictionary and the language of learning by De Maria, Jr., Robert Language and symbolic power by Bourdieu, Pierre Learning vocabulary in another language / by Nation, I. S. P. Linguistics : an introduction Linguistics and the language of translation / by Malmkjær, Kirsten. Meaning in language : by Cruse, D. A. Projects in linguistics : by Wray, Alison Pronunciation and phonetics : a practical guide for English language teachers by Brown, Adam, Speech and language processing : by Jurafsky, Dan, Text and corpus analysis : by Stubbs, Michael The Aeneid by Virgil. The functional analysis of English : a Hallidayan approach by Bloor, Thomas, The grammar of words : an introduction to linguistic morphology by Booij, G. E. The linguistics student's handbook / by Bauer, Laurie, Women, men, and language : a sociolinguistic account of gender differences in language by Coates, Jennifer. Working with texts : a core introduction to language analysis